My daughter is mad about Bubble Tea, also known as Pearl Milk Tea a Taiwanese tea-based drink. Most bubble tea recipes contain a tea base mixed with fruit or milk, to which chewy tapioca balls (fruit jellies) are added.

Both our kids get pocketmoney. Every week they receive half their age in dollars. Their personalities differ a lot, as well as their bankaccounts.

Our son spends little, he’s a saver. Our daughter is a serious spender, swipe by swipe her savings decrease.

She likes to spends her money on clothing, food and weird beverages like Bubble Tea.

A while ago I had to go to K-Mart. My daughter wants to come along because the Bubble Tea house is next door. I drop her off, while I do my shopping. Take your time she says; apparently it takes a while before the brew is mixed.

When I arrive at the tea shop, one of the “Kimono ladies” is still mixing and brewing, but after a wistful wait, there it is. With eager hands my daughter grabs the transparant cup which contains some sort of light blue milky stuff.

Frenzy floaters at the bottom. These are the Tapioca Balls. Wow, they are big and bold. A piece of plastic is stretched over the cup, very tightly. A straw is included. A huge one I might add. Hold on … that’s because those big balls needs to fit through! I’m waiting till my daughter gets rid of the plastic, but with the precision of a Ninja, the straw is stabbed through the plastic …

Don’t ever scare me like that again!

After I’ve regained my normal colour she says to me: ‘Mum … would you like a sip?’ Brilliant. Now I have to taste this horrible looking stuff. Brace yourself and just try it, I think. On the bright side, I just bought some pegs at K-Mart, I can always put one of them on my nose …

With all the gusto I can muster I finally take a mouth full. My daughter is staring at me … My tastebuds are getting very troubled. A supersweet bubblegum taste is spreading through my mouth and I sucked just hard enough to get stuck with yes … a Tapioca Bubble. The taste and texture are just too terrible to talk about.

Silly me … to trust a teenager.

I don’t like tea, I don’t drink it whatsoever. I drink wine, just poor me one. If you have to ask me if it’s too early to drink wine, you’re an amateur and we can’t be friends.

And they know it. So when I was offered tea at my friend’s place over the weekend I was a teeny tiny bit disappointed.

Apparently nobody is having wine. They’re all having tea. It is what it is. And it’s not wine, but tea. I’m hoping my favourite alcoholic beverage will be offered a little later.

I should have known … They are having me on. My friends are like my daughter, untrustworthy double-crossers. I’ve been deluded. A long Island tea isn’t really tea. It’s a cocktail, served in the swimming pool. The only thing this alcoholic liquid has in common with tea is the colour. Floating around in a pleasant folly,  I’ve long forgotten about wine.

I’m in the bubble, a nice one this time.

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