My daughter says I share too much.

Life as a teen is by no means easy. I get it. It is totally embarrassing to have a mother that writes about her family and others. But with everlasting enthusiasm my experiences are transferred into blogs. She detests it, I love it.

According to her, we’ve got nothing in common.

My sixteen year old daughter is my opposite in many ways. She is obsessively organised. Me, on the contrary, absolutely not.

“Scatterbrain” comes to mind … If my head wasn’t screwed on I would leave it at my bedside table in the morning!

Most people have to hassle their kids into making their bed. She has to hassle me instead. Her bed is made with perfect precision. She must feel like she’s in a hotel every evening. I just dive into my cosy crumpled bed …

The clothes in her closet are colour coördinated. You might think she is with the military. Her shelves are arranged accordingly. My wardrobe? Hmmm, let’s not go into that. I’ve got a chair … and a floor as well … My bedroom is really just a large walk-in closet.

My kitchen is grand, it has a lots of drawers. Also a “French” one. My Dutch friend who grew up in France came up with that name. It’s also known as “The Messy Drawer”. I just throw everything in and I might find the utensils I need, if I’m lucky. Seek and you will find. After a while …

My daughter is not happy with that. Her desk drawers are incredibly orderly. Seek and you will find. Immediately!

My daughter is very passionate about her bedroom routine. But with the same enthusiasm  I can set the table when I’ve organised a dinner party with friends. I just love it. Drinks and nibbles beforehand, followed by a nice meal. I don’t really like ironing, but when there’s people coming al of the sudden I’m cheerfully smoothing napkins and even folding them. On top of that I’m cooking and baking like there’s no tomorrow.

And after the hard work is done I can relax, with wine …

Just for fun, I occasionally rearrange stuff in the living room but also in the kitchen. Otherwise it gets boring, doesn’t it?  It keeps everyone focussed. Or they get mad. Like one of our friends. He was looking for the beer opener. Standing next to one of my opened drawers, (hands on the hips), he declared in a real dismay: ‘Léontine, where’s your opener?, last time it was sitting right here, in this drawer!’. ‘Well’, I yell back to him, ’not anymore, it’s in the French drawer now, the messy one.’ He was so stunned that after use, he “accidently” put the opener in the bin. Fortunately, I saw something shiny, when putting out the rubbish.

My dear daughter is amazingly happy with her own company. Me too, but I do need people around me, now and then. I often go for a walk with a friend or my husband. I love to exchange pleasantries with pleasant people.

The same child knows exactly what she wants. She is going to the Netherlands to become a forensic anthropologist. She has studied Greys Anatomy and can name all the bones. That’s what I call dedication. When I was her age, I also threw myself enthusiastically on bones, but with a little meat on it. I am not talking about boys at all!

This morning she goes out for a walk, by herself.

Once home, she talks passionately about the roadkill rabbit she saw.

She might not notice it now, but in due time she will just realise that we have one big thing in common.


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