Prince Charming 

I’ve missed my tennis during the summer holidays. I’m looking forward to playing again, catching up with my buddies and our coach. I can’t wait for her total tennis entertainment!

On Thursday morning they’re all there, except for the millionaire man. He sold his chain of bakeries and now tennis is his bread AND butter, amongst several other things. Playing tennis with him is a different ballgame. He has no opponents, only victims. Everything in good humour. Although… he’s the only one laughing as we completely miss his well positioned backspins.

His replacement is a man who recently moved from Dunedin to the Bay. His tennis is just smashing. On top of that everybody finds him kind, funny and very polite. From now on, I shall call him “Prince Charming”.

On the court, doubled up with Prince Charming, I can’t help but noticing that he’s constantly looking at my feet.

I’m starting to feel a bit awkward …

All of the sudden he looks at me and says: ‘Your shoes are all wrong. I’ve looked at them closely.’

Hmmm, he could have fooled me, if only his nose hadn’t nearly touched the ground …

My shoes are super swift and trendy and they were on special. I don’t know what the fuss is about. Apparently my shoes, because they are made for running, not for playing tennis.

In his opinion I could have easily bought some great girly coloured tennis shoes, entirely equivalent to the shoes I am currently wearing.

All of the sudden I don’t find him that delightful anymore. Prince Charming just fell of his horse.

But when we are having a rest he surprises me by saying: ‘Léontine,  you would really make me happy if you would  buy some “proper” tennis shoes.  You could easily fall and break your ankles wearing these ones. I’m just worried.’

I cannot but offer him my most mesmerising smile. Welcome back Prince Charming!

There’s a sale on, at Rebel Sport, so he tells me …  Womens’ Adidas tennis shoes are only eighty dollars. I promise him to have a look.

The sale is already on for a while, so no luck for me. Size eight is long gone.

The day after I’m playing tennis again. Prince Charming plays in the session after me. He’s already there while I’m still on the court. He will probably look at my shoes … Wait for it. There it is, the look. He’s eyeballing my shoes again. I reassure him that I followed his advise, but he should have told me sooner.

He suggests I go on line and visit a tennis site, called “Thumpsport”. Currently they’re offering a thirty percent discount.

Unfortunately everything in my size is gone, again.  But there’s lots of other sites selling tennis gear and shoes.

After browsing for a while I find the most gorgeous tennis shoes in the same colour as my running shoes (he was right, I have to admit). I’m already sold, but look at the price: a whopping two hundred and twenty dollars.

I’d like to get on the good foot with Prince Charming, but I have to say: He costs me dearly.

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