She’s back (English version)

She’s back, my recently acquired German friend with her cute American
accent. She has been away for a while. Just over six weeks, to be precise.
First she visited the “Heimat”, catching up with friends and family.
And after that to the Maldives, no less. I’ve missed her, my “rollercoaster”
friend. She is different, full of beans and always entertaining.

In these weeks of absence, she stayed in contact though, through Whatsapp.
Numerous pictures roll down my screen; of her brother in law’s wedding,
her in Paris with her sisters and of course her enjoying the paradise
mentioned above. It’s the perfect surf spot and apparently great for
underwater exploration.

One of her last messages was about a reef shark, while snorkeling it came
awfully close, which frightened the hell out of her. Of course these animals
are completely harmless, but they look so mean … don’t you think?

On Monday morning my friend appears at Dance Fit.
After I’ve been hugged like a plushy, she lifts up her shirt and with a sense
of proud she says: “Look at my tan, you can even see my bikini line”.
Yes, I can, rub it in …

My super sporty friend and I meet again the next morning, at Zumba.
The “rollercoaster” played squash last night and this afternoon she will do
some yoga. Did I mention that she’s only been home for two days?
Her muscles are a bit sore, she confesses.
How is that possible? She’s hardly moved …

After our work out we are standing outside chatting for a while and then she
asks me to go for a drink with her at “the Blackbird”, an organic café in
Hastings. I’ve never been there, but apparently she has.

It’s a nice café; little fresh flowers everywhere and everything is brightly
coloured. And fancy that, a free table, next to the roaring log fire.
Great, since it’s only ten degrees today. Cold, I’d say, even for a Hawkes Bay
winter day.
She orders coffee for me and a lemon, honey and ginger drink for her self.

When everything has been served, she sips carefully … A big frown appears
on her face. And then she looks just downright appalled …
In an indignant manner she says:
“Léontine, taste it, I think they forgot the honey!
I’m not having this, I’m going to complain.”
No need to say that her sweetness is tempered with and I believe her without even tasting her beverage.
By a way of precaution the waitress brings in a whole jar of honey.

My friend’s drink is sorted now and then a mischievous grin appears
on her face …
I’m starting to know her a little bit better … She is probably thinking of a guy
she’s been flirtatious with. She flirts in a fun and playful way.
I’ve seen it …

This time it was an attractive Indian guy who worked in the “gift shop” of the hotel in the Maldives. How often did you go there? Now she puts on a bit of a
guilty look and she blinks fervently with her long lashed blue eyes.
About twice a day she admits. What ?! You had to buy so many gifts?
No … but I’m really interested in the Indian culture. Yeah right …

Then suddenly she gets her phone out and shows me a picture of an
“upcoming event” in Napier. It’s a two-hour-long one where all sorts of people come on stage and talk for three minutes about something they are
passionate about. Sounds like mini Ted Talks to me, so when she asks me to
come with, I’m whole heartedly in of course.

“That’s settled then, she says. “It’s a good thing I’m back, otherwise you
would just be sitting at home all the time!

Yes, imagine that …

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