On-line shopping? No thanks!

My teenage daughter always wants to come with when I go grocery shopping. Does she like my company, or the supermarket that much? No, she just wants to be in control of the lolly choice for that week. It’s no use giving me a note, because I will end up buying the wrong stuff, so she says.

But mum is kind of embarrassing … I hum along to songs in the supermarket and apparently it doesn’t sound that great. On top of that several people talk to me and I don’t even know them  …

Occasionally people ask me to get something from a shelf they can’t reach. Imagine, little me, not even five and a half feet tall …

Often people ask me where I come from. My accent always gives me away. My daughter is puzzled, she can’t get her head around why people always want to talk to me.

Last weekend we went bra shopping for my daughter. She’d bought this gorgeous dress. It’s nice and flowy and beautiful bare shoulders are revealed. Obviously no ordinary bra will do. One with removable clear straps is the thing to have for this particular one. Of course!

So off we go … to Bendon. Sure enough we find a nice black bra with transparent straps. Exactly what she wanted. Waiting at the checkout, an elderly lady with ample bosom and ditto hips approached me and asks: ‘Do I need extra large for my figure?’ Ummm … she probably does, I think, but instead I say: ‘I honestly don’t know what size you are, but you can ask for a free fitting … One of these lovely ladies here at Bendon will measure everything and you will be advised for size’

You should have seen my daughter’s eyebrows …

A friend of mine advised me to do my grocery shopping on-line. Very practical, she said. Just sit down on the couch with your iPad and put together a shopping list. Tap, tap, tap, there you go, all done and dusted. Your groceries will be delivered at your doorstep. Your list will be stored and next time you go on line, your basic “shopping” list will pop up. Saves heaps of time and petrol.

I have to admit that I secretly love doing errands and grocery shopping. It’s never boring, because all of these people that talk to me.

A while ago, I went grocery shopping, with my daughter of course. On the way home I realised that I’d forgotten something: bread. No worries, I’ll only be a little while I say to my girl when we arrive at New World. Since her lollies were already in the boot, she was more than happy to stay in the car.

With a basket filled with no less than a loaf of bread, I arrive at the checkout. A very friendly gentleman in front of me in the queue says: ‘You go first, you only have one item.’  I detect an accent in his voice. He’s not from New Zealand. I reply: ‘Well you also have very little in your basket and hey after all it’s Sunday, so who’s in a hurry?’ He liked that remark and a conversation was started. I soon find out that he’s from South Africa and he is working for a Dutchman I know.

I finally say goodbye to and walk back to the car. My daughter is waiting impatiently.’Was the baker still shaping the dough?’ she’s asking.

I have to admit, I was inside for quite a while …

I raised my eyebrows, said nothing and just thought: Good decision to stay in the car my darling.

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