In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king

Last year my husband told me that I needed an iPhone. He had one, through work, and I had to have one as well. I hesitated and said “I am perfectly happy with my fifty dollar phone.” Apparantly not, because he gave me one. What a nice gift! All of the sudden I was the proud owner of a proper iPhone. How smart is that?

About half a year ago my Dutch friend, who has been living in America for the last 20 years, recommended to install WhatsApp on my smart phone. Our contact used to be through letters and proper photographes but later on we used Facebook. According to her, contacting each other would be even easier with Whatsapp. Sure enough I downloaded the application and a message was sent straight away to my far away friend. Almost immediately I got a message back from her. Fancy that!

A few weeks ago, our New Zealand friends came round for dinner. The weather was perfect, so we were having drinks on the deck. We are chatting away and all of the sudden my friend says: “I got an email from my Scandinavian friend this morning. She just had a baby and wants to communicate through WhatsApp. Do you use that?”.

Indeed I do, lots!  I tell her all about my Dutch friend and explain to her how convenient it is to use this application. It makes it so much easier to maintain contact with lots of friends.

“That would be perfect. What an asset. Can you install it for me?”, she says. Within a minute her phone is out of the bag and handed to me. Tap, tap, tap; a little while later and there it is: the so much desired WhatsApp icon miraculously appeared on her screen. My friend was impressed …

She wants to try it straight away. Fair enough, I think. She sends a message to her Scandinavian friend who happens to be awake because she is feeding her newborn in the middle of the night. In the next half an hour messages and photographs are being sent back and forth. In the meantime I develop a feeling of redundnancy. I quietly sip my wine and I think to myself: oh, oh, oh, the joys of Whatsapp! But I cannot complain … I installed it for her.

A week later my Dutch friend who lives close, tells me that she is having trouble installing Whatsapp on her phone. Can I try and do it for her?

I have done it before, so I can do it again, I think.

In her case I stumbled upon some password difficulties, so it took a little bit longer before the green and white icon appeared on her screen. I persevered and finally succeeded. Once again someone was impressed by my “skills”.

Electronic devices … I thought I knew nothing about them …

My confidence was boosted by my latest “succes stories”, so when my neighbor asked me if I could help her with a problem on her iPad I thought, yes, I can. Leontine to the rescue, I am coming over.

Her iPad was overloaded with photos. She wanted to get rid of them but somehow they did not want to be removed … The trashcan was terribly stubborn and remained gray and “untrashable”. Normally it flashes up in light blue and you can just trash whatever you want. After some tinkering I still did not get it.  I need my husband, the computer expert, for this, I thought. Come on neighbor, hand me the phone to ring him. After explaining the problem, he did not have a clue either what could be the problem.

Encouraged by my supposed knowledge I thought: I should be able to fix this. So I googled the problem, tried some more and changed some of  the settings. And all of the sudden I removed nearly a 1,000 photos! It really happened. I did it. Even my husband was surprised and did not really believe it untill he got evidence.

Honestly,  no more pictures remained on my neighbors iPad.

Mum and technology, not a good combination my daughers says. Of course she is miles ahead of me. I know.

But sometimes I am truly amazed at what I can accomplish. And so are my peers and the neighbor. They think the world of me.

Isn’t that just great? In the land of the blind I am their queen!

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